ISRI Members, e-RAILSAFE Certified and more

Recycling Consultants takes its commitment to safety very seriously. Through constant training and evaluation on the latest guidelines and industry standards, we are extremely proactive in how we address the well-being of our employees.

e-RAILSAFE Certified

All of our employees have been properly screened and completed all of the required safety and security awareness tests provided by e-RAILSAFE, the premier Workforce Safety and Security Management program for Class I Railroads. Click here for more information about the program.

ISRI Membership

Recycling Consultants is proud to be a member of The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), a private/non-profit trade association that represents all private/public companies in scrap recycling. We adhere to all ISRI Safety Manual guidelines concerning proper equipment use and maintenance, scrap yard safety, the correct loading and unloading of trailers and accurate material sorting. To learn more about our ISRI membership, click here.

On-Track Safety Training

All of our employees are required to complete the Federal Railroad Administration’s On-Track Safety courses throughout the year to stay abreast of all federal guidelines and regulations concerning track safety. You can find all of their current compliance manuals here.