Why railroad owners should plan to use derailment services

It’s the thing no train operator wants to face. But it happens every day. It’s the inevitable. Train derailments can cause millions of dollars in property damage and take up railroad owners’ valuable time. With improved safety measures, railroads have cut down the number of derailments over the years, but train accidents and derailments can… Read more

Rail scrap brokers and the importance of logistics

In the recycling business, logistics reign supreme. They play into the buying price. They play into the selling price. Put simply, they play into every aspect of our business. Which makes a lot of sense if you stop and think about it. After all, if you can’t smoothly and efficiently move your rail scrap material from… Read more

Train derailment recovery and how the right rail recycler can help

Train derailment recovery can be a massive challenge for any railroad company. The process demands heavy attention and a lightning-fast response to get things running smoothly again. A railroad company has to be ready to contain the situation, clean up the area, and recover any and all damaged materials at a moment’s notice. It’s easy… Read more

Rail yard cleanup requires an experienced rail scrap contractor

Rail yard cleanups come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever the scope, one thing is constant across every type of cleanup: they can be a handful to manage and a nightmare when one of the partnering contractors isn’t familiar with how a rail yard works. Choosing a scrap metal recycler that knows its way around… Read more

Rail classification and what it can do for your bottom line

When you’ve got a lot of rail you want gone, selling it all as general scrap may be the easiest choice, but going that route wouldn’t do your company’s pocketbook any favors. Having a rail classification crew come out to properly identify what you have on hand could be just the thing that helps increase… Read more

Welcome to Recycling Consultants

Thanks for stopping by our Railroad Scrap Resource blog. We’re just getting started here, but soon we’ll be using this space to share thoughts about the industry, highlight some of the exceptional work we do, and tell you about how we’re working to make ourselves even better. If you’re new to Recycling Consultants, take a look around our… Read more