Rail car dismantling and your bottom line

rail car dismantling

The only thing that works harder for your railroad company than you do are the various rail cars on your line. But when one of those cars reaches the end of its useful life or is damaged in an accident, its job isn’t over. Having that car dismantled for rail scrap and rail car parts allows it to perform one last task for the company it served so well.

Recycling Consultants provides efficient rail car dismantling that breaks down the rail car parts into salable scrap quickly. We then broker those pieces, fetching the best price we can for the parts from mills and rail yards all over North America. You’ll put money back in your business and allow the materials in that old car to become something new.

When your hardest working rail car has enjoyed its last time around the track, call on Recycling Consultants to do what’s best by it and your company.

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