Used rail identification and rail sorting

rail identification

It’s easy to think all rail scrap is worth the same, especially when you just want it out of your rail yard or workhouse. All rail, however, does not wear equally, and you could take a significant hit on the value of your used rail by not having rail identification done by a professional recycler.

The people at Recycling Consultants have the know-how to inspect rail for the different types of damage and wear it can acquire. Then, they will designate it as relay, reroll or scrap rail. Once that rail identification assessment has been done, we can more accurately determine the worth of your used rail, and that could mean a nice boost to the financial health of your rail company.

Don’t lose out on the true value of your used rail scrap. Once you’ve had Recycling Consultants out to identify and sort your materials, you’ll be happy with the results.

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