Rail yard cleanup requires an experienced rail scrap contractor

Rail yard scrap clean-up
Rail yard cleanups come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever the scope, one thing is constant across every type of cleanup: they can be a handful to manage and a nightmare when one of the partnering contractors isn’t familiar with how a rail yard works.

Choosing a scrap metal recycler that knows its way around a rail yard is an important step in the cleanup process. That experience can mean the difference between a job well done and disaster at the job site.

Safety first

Rail yards are unlike any other place to work. They have their own way of operating under specific guidelines, rules and schedules that must be followed at all times. This can result in unique dangers and hazards that can be hard to identify for those unfamiliar with being on a rail yard, which could lead to injury or worse at the job site.

Finding a contractor with the right amount of rail yard experience, combined with constant safety training, is key to preventing accidents. Any scrap metal recycling contractor working with railroads must have a certain amount of safety training and certifications to their name. Certifications don’t speak to the familiarity a company has with working in rail yard situations, however. There is a big difference between a crew that is dedicated to rail work and a crew that performs a rail take-up every once in a while.

Productivity and efficiency

Rail yard cleanups are expensive endeavors even before work begins. Every wasted moment during a rail yard cleanup only increases those costs. There is a very specific budget and schedule to keep, and the last thing the project needs is a string of delays caused by an inexperienced contractor disrupting the yard’s work flow.

A scrap metal recycling contractor who knows the ins and outs of an active rail yard will keep that cleanup running smoothly. Because of their experience, they can easily integrate themselves into the cleanup process while getting the work done and staying out of the way of other essential operations. Better yet, they may even increase both the productivity and efficiency of the entire project, helping it to come in under deadline and under budget.

Rail scrap brokering

Rail yard experience doesn’t just help at the cleanup site. It can also help bring extra value to the scrap metal that’s taken off-site.

A great rail scrap recycling contractor will be able to identify and sort any materials according to its quality during the cleanup process. Because that recycler specializes in rail, they will often have strong relationships with companies and mills that want to purchase that scrap. This combination allows for the scrap to be sold quickly and for a much better price than you might otherwise get from a company who doesn’t know rail.

Experience matters

Partnering with a scrap metal recycling contractor experienced in how a rail yard operates is critical to a successful cleanup. Doing so can make for a safer, more efficient, and possibly more profitable project across the board. If you’re comparing contractors for a rail yard cleanup, consider the difference the right amount of rail yard experience makes.

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