Railroad Scrap and Used Rail Services

Recycling Consultants has been specializing in fulfilling recycling and rail scrap processing needs of Class I, short line and regional rail companies for more than 25 years. We service operations both large and small, and can easily integrate ourselves into your current workflow and schedules. Our experienced, well-trained rail crews complete the job with effectiveness and efficiency. A partnership with Recycling Consultants means you’ll not only better manage the scrap rail and other materials you generate, but also maximize profit from recycling. Recycling Consultants offers railroad scrap and used rail services in a variety of ways:


Track take-up & removal

Before laying new track, old rail has got to go. Recycling Consultants’ crews can take-up the track, identify its quality, and broker it quickly and efficiently. Learn more


Rail identification

If you’re lumping all of your scrap rail into one delivery, you’re missing out on its true worth. Recycling Consults can identify and sort your rail by quality, bringing extra value to your company. Learn more


Derailment recovery

When a derailment happens on your line, you’ve got to act quickly to deal with the damage and move things along again. Recycling Consultants can help your rail company get back on track. Learn more


Rail yard cleanup

Old rail yards demand special attention when cleaned up for the good of their surrounding communities. Our highly trained crews can help tackle the toughest rail yard while keeping costs down. Learn more


Rail car dismantling

When a railcar has reached the end of its usefulness, Recycling Consultants can dismantle it and broker the parts for the best possible price to help you receive the most value. Learn more

railroad scrap management

Railroad scrap management

Whatever the scope of your project, Recycling Consultants can help manage all of your scrap metal needs with efficent, reliable service tailored to rail company’s needs. Learn more

rail crews scrap removal

Rail crews

Our highly-skilled rail crews are specially trained in the latest procedures and safety guidelines, making sure you hit your deadlines and profit projections. Learn more

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