Track removal and rail removal of worn or damaged rail

railroad track take-up and removal

There are few things more important than the health of the rail that helps carry cargo down the line of your rail company. And few things are more vulnerable than your rail. The rails your company uses not only have to contend with the wear of constant use, but the ravages of exposure to the elements. Regular track removal and rail removal can keep things safe and moving on the line, but it’s important to do it fast so as not to experience any lengthy delays.

The rail crews of Recycling Consultants know all about efficient rail removal. Unlike typical steel scrap recyclers, our crews are specially trained in how a rail company operates and how to handle themselves at the job site. This results in faster job completion paired with the utmost safety.

Our track removal and rail removal services don’t just stop there. Recycling Consultants can also identify the quality of the rail we’re removing and broker it accordingly. That means more money coming back to you when the project is over.

For quick assistance with track removal, hire the rail crews of Recycling Consultants. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out what working with the right rail scrap recycler can do for your rail company.

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